Rip-off Britain

  1. Passports. Passport prices were high, now they are higher. If this disgusts you so much that you want to leave the country, you will now be charged the princely sum of £66 for the privilege.
    5th October 2006£66.00
    1st December 2005£51.00
    2nd October 2003£42.00
    November 2002£33.00
    16th December 1999£28.00
    26th March 1998£21.00
    Prior to March 1998£18.00
    What a rip-off!
  2. £1000 for a train ticket? You're having a laugh. Oh, wait - this is the UK. Mind the doors.
    What a rip-off!
  3. The NAO reckon that just waiting on the phone to speak to HMRC cost us a crazy £136,000,000 in 2011.
    What a rip-off!