No Sympathy

  1. Sayara Beg. This woman is in a bad financial situation entirely of her own making. She has been given a platform to moan at those who lent her money at her request by the BBC and thus is being funded in her moans by the licence payers. No sympathy!
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger. So let me get this straight. The Republicans (Arnold's party) put an audio clip on their web site and called ``Hacking!'' when someone from the rival party downloaded it. It's not hacking to download a publicly available document - welcome to the web. And if you want to keep something private, don't put it on a web server. No sympathy!
  3. The SCO Group. Oh dear. No sympathy!
  4. Baroness Uddin. Elevated to the peerage as one of Tony's cronies, Pola Uddin has subsequently fleeced the taxpayers to the tune of £189,000, it is alleged. The file is apparently with the CPS at the time of writing (March 2010) and we can only hope that they throw the book at her. No sympathy!
  5. Sprinkle emergency woman. Being a part of a civilised society includes certain personal responsibilities. Some people, however, just refuse to understand that. Witness this numpty who dialled the 999 emergency number because ... wait for it ... the ice cream she had just bought didn't have enough sprinkles on it. Presumably the next time she is having a heart attack she will be happy to wait for the ambulance while the emergency services deal with someone else's ice cream problem. No sympathy!
  6. Bianca Jagger. Bianca Jagger is not a difficult person to despise. Among the more insidious of her proclamations is the time when she linked to a widely condemned document with the exhortation "Please read it carefully". Wise words indeed; if only she had heeded them, later offering "[I] didn't properly read its content" as her only defence. No sympathy!
  7. Extinction Rebellion. What would you do if you wanted to convince your fellow humans to switch to environmentally-friendly transportation? Extinction Rebellion thought that the best plan would be to delay some trains. Thankfully, some commuters soon showed them the error of their ways. No sympathy!